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UN-backed gov: Global community in support of Qaddafi-style Libya

Deputy Presidency Council (PC) head Ahmed Maetig has accused the international community of covertly supporting Libya’s return to a Qaddafi-style dictatorship.

“Rebuilding a dictatorship in Libya will be impossible. Inventing a new small Qaddafi is the dream of the mentally ill,” Maetig warned in an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica.

Maetig explained how the solution for Libya could only be political; saying that if the military took over Libya a civil war would ensue for the next 20 years.

The official denied that PC head Fayez Al-Sarraj was travelling to Moscow for direct talks with military rival Khalifa Haftar who is currently in Russia.

He praised Russia as a historically important partner for Libya. “They know how to assess and manage their relationships, and we are their friends,” he said.

Maetig also praised Italy’s backing of the Libyan Coastguard.


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