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Malawi Security Minister says Rwanda genocide suspect is ‘successful businessman’ in her country

Vincent Murekezi, one of the 1994 Rwandese key genocide suspects, who has been exposed to have acquired a Malawian passport and is now using the surname Banda, has been described by Malawian Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Grace Chiumia as”successful businessman” in the country.

Chiumia said she knows Murekezi and that Malawi government does not have information relation to his role in the killings that occurred in 1994.

“I know Murekezi as a one of the successful businesspersons in the country,” Chiumia said of the Rwandan.

Murekezi has been hitting headlines after he acquired a Malawian passport.

His Rwandan passport number PC939663 indicates that his birthplace is Ngoma-Huye in Rwanda. The same information appears in a Rwandan government record, which names him a suspect of the 1994 genocide.

In the MA07817 passport, Murekezi identified himself as a Malawian citizen from Mbeya in Tanzania.

He also identifies himself in the other passport as Vincent Murekezi whose birth place is Kigali, Rwanda.

Human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula urged the Government of Malawi to engage Rwanda and the international community in investigating and verifying reports.

Minister Chiumia said she has since ordered the Immigration Department to furnish her with Murekezi’s “bio-data and foles.”

Chiumia said she has taken “personal interest” in the matter.

“I will be studying his files to get to the root casue of these reports,” she said.

Immigration Department spokesman Joseph Chauwa confirmed the geneocide suspect has a Malawian passport number MA606888 and that what was referred in the press as passport number MA078171 in 2011 was a travel document.

According to Chauwa, the Rwandan genocide suspect Murekezi “met all the requirements” for awarding a Malawi citizenship and a travel document.

He has been in Malawi since 2003.


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