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Jose Mourinho finally gives himself a Manchester United nickname to replace the ’Special One’

At Chelsea, a precocious young Jose Mourinho was a headline writer’s wet dream when he proclaimed himself the ’Special One’ upon first joining the club. Then during his second stint at Stamford Bridge he changed that to the rather more humble ’Happy One’.

Ever since the 54-year-old replaced Louis van Gaal at Manchester United, the media pack have been begging him to give them a new title - a something one. Of course Jose was fully aware of this and didn’t entertain their back-page whims.

But speaking to France Football, he has finally rechristened himself for the Old Trafford chapter of his managerial career. And it is a rather more zen-like moniker than one would perhaps expect.

"I would say the ’Calm One’," he explained. "Everyone was waiting for me to cause problems. But the only problem that I have had up until now, is that when I kicked a bottle of water that was in front of me.

"I was sent to the stands and I had to pay a fine for that. That is my problem: when I am a bit frustrated, I kick bottles. But that is the only slip since I arrived eight months ago. So, I have become the Calm One."

Although he did add that he’s not sure how long that will last: "Aside from that, maybe, tomorrow, I will be dismissed!"


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