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Jose Mourinho blasts Bayern and Barcelona for acting like ‘Mother Teresa’

A ball hasn’t been kicked in competitive anger yet this season, and already Jose Mourinho is providing us with plenty of entertainment.

Refreshed after his break following his sacking from Chelsea last December, Mourinho looks rejuvenated and ready to commence battle with all-comers once again.

His treatment of Bastian Schweinsteiger (banishing the German to the reserves) has attracted widespread criticism, with Bayern president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge saying players would now ‘think long and hard’ about working with Mourinho at Old Trafford.

Mourinho hit back at Bayern at his written press conference yesterday, mocking the Bavarian giants for their vice-like control over German football affairs.

Bayern have made a cottage industry out of hoovering up the best talent in German football, essentially buying the best players from direct rivals Dortmund to ensure that they remain top dogs.

‘The Mother Teresa of Football’
Mourinho was essentially mocking Bayern for being the pot calling the kettle black, while also lamenting how Barcelona act like the ‘Mother Teresa of football’ while refusing to share the TV money with the rest of La Liga:

”Maybe English football has changed them. This is the only country where everyone wants this to happen. This is the only country where the football structures allow this to happen.

In the other countries the powerful clubs don’t want this to happen. In the other countries they do not want to have to share the money. They don’t want to share TV rights.

“In the other countries they want to be comfortable and know they will always be the top dogs in the Champions League. They want it to be a competition of two, three or four and if possible a competition of just one. So this is a special country.

“You have, around Europe, people who when you listen to them it looks like they are the Mother Teresa of football but they are not. You go to many countries and clearly they are happy the way they are.

It is not just about them being powerful. It is also to go to the clubs that can be direct competition and every season steal their best players so they don’t want a league. In this country we want a league.

Everybody wants a league. An amazing story like Leicester brings even more credibility to the Premier League and that’s why the Premier League is the Premier League.”


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