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David Beckham explains how he was humiliated at Manchester United

David Beckham has weighed in on the horrific child sexual abuse cases that have rocked English football in recent months.

Several ex-professionals have come forward to accuse former coaches of sexual abuse - the number of amateur and professional clubs affected by the scandal was reported by The Guardian to be 248 on January 18.

However, Beckham, a member of Manchester United’s famous Class of ’92, insists nothing indecent happened during his time at the club’s academy.

"It’s disgraceful what’s gone on and there has to be something done about it," Beckham said on BBC’s Desert Island Discs radio show, via Goal. "But there was never anything at Manchester United.”

Former Crewe defender Andy Woodward’s decision to waive his right to anonymity has prompted several other players to speak out, including Paul Stewart, formerly of Liverpool and Tottenham.


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