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Don’t bank on treaty to extradite Murekezi to Rwanda

Justin Dzonzi, who is executive director of Blantyre-base think tank Justice Link and chairs the State funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC), made the comments after the State said it would go back to court in two weeks to revive the extradition case of Murekezi which the State lost last month due to lack of an extradition treaty that time.

Weeks later, Malawi and Rwanda signed the treaty.

Dzonzi said new treaties cannot be effective on cases which were in court before the treaties became effective.

“It may not be possible to use the treaty as courts may not recognise a treaty signed after an offence. It is like acquitting a person of an offence then you go to court and enact a law and go back to court to try a suspect. This is not allowed. You cannot try again a suspect on an offence he has been acquitted,” he said.

Chief state advocate Steven Kayuni said the State is working on other ways to convince the court extradite Murekezi other than the newly signed treaty.

He also ruled out bringing in witnesses from Rwanda on the case, saying most of the witnesses are serving jail terms in Rwanda.


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