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3 Lucky Heineken Consumers from Rwanda to Watch the UEFA Champions League Final

After a week-long search, the Mystery Man has finally found the 3 lucky Heineken
consumers to take to watch the UEFA Champions Final, aboard a luxury cruise in Athens,Greece

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Patricia Garuka, Senior Brand Manager at Bralirwa, presenting the Boarding Pass to one of the winners, Jean D’Amour Umuhoza

On Wednesday night, after the semi-final game between Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid, the raffle to decide the winners of the promotion took place at Pili-Pili, and three lucky Heineken consumers, Emmanuel Rukundo, Jean D’Amour Umuhoza, and Ian Munana won the tickets.

Bralirwa has been running the promotion since the 4th of May, and to qualify, one had to buy two Heineken beers at ten participating bars in Kigali, upon which they received a form to enter their personal details and predict the teams that will advance to the Finals of the UEFA Champion league

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Over 500 Boarding Passes were available at 10 participating bars over the course of the promotion

Hundreds of people made their predictions, in hopes of winning the a chance to go to
Athens, Greece, but after the 1st Leg of the Semi-Final games, only 2 dozen people were still in the running for the 3 seats aboard the luxury cruise

And after Real Madrid’s 4-2 win, on aggregate, over Atletico Madrid, 3 lucky Heineken
consumers who predicted this outcome won the once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Heineken slogan is ‘Open Your World’, so this is an opportunity to open the world of our consumers by allowing them to travel across their borders,” explained Mark Nkera, a brand manager at Bralirwa.

Julius Kayoboke, Marketing Director of Bralirwa, added that “Heineken is all about opening borders, the reason we’re in more than 200 countries across the globe. The more experiences one has, the more rounded in character they become. That’s what Heineken is all about.”

The winners are due to set sail on June 3rd

Bon Voyage, Emmanuel, Jean D’Amour, and Ian.

Mutoni Jolie

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