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Women experience two types of orgasm: Study

Scientists believe they have found an answer to the long-standing debate over whether or not women can experience two different types of orgasm – one from clitoral stimulation and another from vaginal penetration.

The researchers carried out ultrasounds on three "healthy volunteers" as they stimulated themselves in different ways and found that, to an extent, there is a difference in the orgasm experienced.

While external stimulation causes a response form just the top of the clitoris, the ’root’ and the whole clitoral and vaginal complex is affected by penetration.

The study measured tiny variations in blood flow patterns during the varying kinds of sexual contact to establish how the different parts of a woman’s sexual organs responded.

The study concluded, "Despite a common assumption that there is only one type of female orgasm, we may infer, on the basis of our findings, that the different reported perceptions from these two types of stimulation can be explained by the different parts of the clitoris (external and internal) and complex that are involved."


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