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Women are now paying to have expert vagina massages

Look, we know that if someone offered you a ‘vagina massage’ you’d most likely run far, far away or possibly slap them. It just sounds like a front for ‘oi, let me finger you’. It sounds dodgy.

But apparently vagina massages are a thing – and they’re more than just a sexual experience.

Women’s Health brought our attention to the existence of vagina massages also known as yoni massage and tantric massage,expert yoni massage practitioner Isis Phoenix,explained that her treatments cost upwards of $300 (£200), and involve the use of herbs, steam, and massaging tension out of the vagina.
The promised benefits ranging from centering the mind and body, soothing anxiety, and self-esteem to improved orgasms and increased sensitivity.

She even suggests that by giving clients orgasms, the treatments can ‘reduce the risk of many types of cancer usually associated with women’. We’re a bit skeptical about that bit – orgasms have been proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men, but we can’t find any evidence that they have cancer-fighting benefits for women…

Massage Her’s techniques involve setting the mood with candles and incense. The client is then offered a blindfold, and the therapist will ‘very slowly and seductively undress her before asking her to lay face down, where he will begin to gently caress her whole body with very light touches.’

‘She will then be massaged from head to toe, including a foot and head massage. Her entire body will be massaged, leaving nothing untouched and stimulating her many erogenous zones, including light touches between her thighs occasionally brushing her vagina.

‘She would then be turned over on to her front where the emphasis will centre on her frontal erogenous zones including her breasts and ending with a yoni massage, which she will by this time, be yearning for.Whoa.

The therapists recommend having a man perform the massage on heterosexual women,because: ‘A tantric massage is not a mechanical massage it is a holistic experience: physical, emotional, psychological.

At the end of the day, vagina massages quite clearly aren’t for everyone. They’re not ideal if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being touched, and probably won’t work if you’re tense or giggling throughout.


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