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Website gives tips on how to reach an orgasm

Reaching an orgasm during sex is not always guaranteed, though men do not experience as much difficulty as women do.

According to a 2015 Cosmo survey, only 57 percent of women reached orgasm during sex; for men, a whopping 95 percent. Enter OMGYES, a website dedicated to sharing tips on reaching an orgasm, with a focus on women.

Founded by Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins, the two met in college where conversations about sex led to a realization: in an era that’s seemingly so progressive, women’s sexual pleasure was still incredibly taboo. There didn’t even seem to be words for the specific things women find pleasurable.

The website lifts the veil on women’s sexual pleasure based on new research, wisdom from over 2,000 women aged 18-95, videos and even simulations where you practice on your own vagina digitally.

Dubbed “touchable video,” the simulation is made of thousands of images of your own vagina with your sensitivities, responses and preferences. It’s basically your own virtual vaginal. The touchable video allows you to put what you learn to practice immediately on your mobile device, receive feedback in real-time so you can fine-tune it.

Subscribers to the website will also have access to videos where women explain and demonstrate how the technique works for them without any scripts or actors.

The website subscription fee includes Season One, which has 12 episodes packed with content that focuses on 12 specific techniques, 50 short videos and 11 touchable videos.

Access to the website will set you back USD29, but for those who are curious, there’s a free trial!


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