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Secrets to Longer Lasting Sex

There is a secret to making sex last longer that only few people know of. This secret lies in a phase during sex that is often ne­glected by many; it’s the phase right after sex. Some call this powerful time ‘the after-love.’

The power of the time after sex
The after-love is almost a time of meditation; we are open, relaxed and peaceful; energy flows, and inspira­tions follow. It’s a time of being; we are fully present, and the conscious­ness of life surrounds us with ease. It’s a time where we feel a different truth to our bodies. There is a sense of well-being, calmness and softness. It can be a time of quietness where no words are needed; it’s a time of sharing from the heart. It’s a time when we return to ourselves and to the world. It is indeed a magical time with many gifts.

Sadly, it’s often a time so short that we don’t allow ourselves the fullness of receiving all that it has to offer. So, let us take a look into different ways to extend this phase and thus make the most of the after-love phase.
Here are a few things we can do to spend more time in this beautiful phase:

This is one of the most powerful lessons we can share about pleasure. Take orgasm out of your sexual ex­perience. Make it less of a focus and instead, swim towards your edge. Build the fire of pleasure. Ride the waves of sensation, of feeling, of emotion for as long as you like or as long as you can.
Get close to the peak, but not so close that you cannot step back. Then simply be. Take shelter in the after-love for as long as you can. It can stay with you for days.

Stay connected
Extend your after-love by con­sciously connecting with your part­ner. Remain present after pleasure, whether you experience orgasm or not. Breathe together, and look into each other’s eyes. The deeper you breathe, the more everything will slow down and the more present you will be. The breaths will also help keep you in your body and out of your head.

Listen to your body
Allow your body to follow in the direction of the energy. After some sexual experiences, we may feel energised, even fiery. Let that flow through you in the form of dance and sound. Let it come from within.

If you are feeling slow and soft, let your body express that. The move­ments and sounds you make will keep the energy alive in your body. The after-love phase is truly a won­derful gift. If we choose to open it, it may offer us many expanding and empowering experiences.

It may offer us deeper insights and unexpected inspiration. It may offer us more self-love, peace of mind and physical energy.


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