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Ladies: 11 Ways to know whether your Man is a Very Experienced Guy

For a guy to get good at pleasing a woman, he must have had experiences pleasing a lot of other women. Experienced guys are often very good in bed. So, if you are looking for someone who rocks your world, then look out for these signs, from Reddit, that says he is no stranger to giving women pleasure.

He is always prepared: He keeps lady’s extras at his place hair ties, and extra tooth brushes and razors.

Bathroom focus: If a man has a nice and clean bathroom, you know he has sex with ladies. Probably a lot.

No bragging: An experienced guy does not need to brag about or talk up his sexual prowess. He doesn’t need to tell you because he can just show you.

Women brag about him. When your product is top notch, word of mouth will get you by. One Reddit user said “I once had a fuck-buddy that I told I would be willing to write letters of sexual preference for.”

He’s creative in bed. He knows variety is the spice of life in between the sheets but he’s also not going to make every sex session a marathon or a recreation of pornography.

He doesn’t rush. He’s no wham-bam, thank you, ma’am. He takes his time to show you how much he cares about you. (You = your orgasm.)

He’s vocally expressive. The art of creative dirty talk is not lost on the experienced gentlemen. He knows he has to do better than some caveman grunts to get you off.

He has good control over his body. Basically, he knows what he has and he knows how to use it.

He pays attention to your clitoris. As another Reddit user puts it, “he’s into finding ways to rub my clit no matter what else was going on.”

He’s not ashamed or embarrassed about the size of his penis. He knows that penis size isn’t related to sexual pleasure, and isn’t all weird about it, whether it’s the size of pencil or a breadbox but this especially goes for guys who think they’re too small.

He makes sure you finish first. This is the ultimate sign that you’re with a verifiable beast in the bedroom.

By Robert Muriisa, Pulse.ng.

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