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Early morning sex lowers blood pressure – Don

A lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Ilorin, Musa Yakubu, has said that early morning sex lowers blood pressure and reduces the risks of heart attack among couples.

While delivering the 163rd Inaugural lecture of the university titled “Knocking Down the Barriers to Four ‘o’ Clock Activities and Reproductive Inadequacies” at the varsity’s auditorium on Thursday, Mr. Yakubu, a professor of Biochemistry, declared that regular sexual intercourse is good for the love life of couples.

According to the university don, sex boosts the human immune system and stimulates the body’s line of defense against cold and fever by producing antibodies like immunoglobulin A (IgA). He also explained that sex regulates menstruation in women by controlling the production of the hormones that aid better sleep.

The Professor of Biochemistry added that sex deepens the bond between couples by enhancing the release of chemicals that facilitate closeness among partners, thereby making them feel happy being together.

“Lovemaking of about 20 minutes reduces 150 calories,” he said.

Mr. Yakubu, who is Google’s most cited scholar in the University of Ilorin, explained that sex is a very important part of marital life and has led to the collapse of many marriages.

He submitted that a marital life devoid of sexual satisfaction is a dead marriage. He, however, advised couples to seek medical and authenticated traditional solutions for any sexual and reproductive concern they may have.

“Sexual and reproductive dysfunctions are common among men and women in, which necessitates regular screening and check-ups,” he said.

While calling on universities to intensify efforts on carrying out more ground breaking researches on issues of sexual dysfunctions and reproductive inadequacies, Mr. Yakubu advised the government to give more support and recognition to research works in the academia.


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