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Microsoft is FINALLY killing off one of its most hated products

MICROSOFT reveals that it will no longer support this much-maligned Windows offering - although there’s really no reason why you should be using it anymore.

One of Microsoft’s most loathed products is finally about to bite the dust.

As it prepares for the next big Windows 10 update, the company has confirmed that it will no longer provide official support for its Windows Vista software after April 11th.

This means that anyone with a device running Windows Vista only has a month left to upgrade their system, or risk being unprotected against potentially damaging cyber-attacks.

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Microsoft is pulling support for one of its most infamous Windows releases

Windows Vista was first released to the public back in January 2007, meaning it has now reached the end of its life as a supported version.

The software endured somewhat of a chequered existence, generating negative reviews upon release, and being widely viewed as somewhat of a flop.

It was not helped by being the successor to Windows XP, which at the time was the most popular version of Microsoft’s software ever.

Windows Vista was also being criticised for removing some fan favourites processes and apps, replacing them with unnecessary bloatware that caused many devices to run slowly.

Despite this, the software remains widely in use today, with the most recent Netmarketshare figures showing it still clings on to 0.78 per cent of all devices running today.

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Windows Vista will no longer be supported fully after April 11th 2017

After April 11th, Windows Vista will no longer receive updated security protection, leaving it unprotected against new threats which emerge after this date.

This includes no updates for Microsoft’s antivirus app, Security Essentials, meaning that users will need to be extremely careful when using their device.

The news comes shortly after Mozilla revealed that Windows Vista users will soon no longer be able to download and use the latest versions of its Firefox browser.

Firefox says it will keep Firefox 52 updated with security fixes for a little while longer, but will now follow the example of Google Chrome, which will also only work on newer versions of Windows.

Microsoft is hard at work on the next version of Windows 10 now, with the Creators Update upgrade set for release next month.

This will then be followed by another all-new version, codenamed Redstone 3, later this year.

The company says that over 500 million Windows 10 installs have been completed since the software was released in July 2015.

However this still only adds up to just over a quarter of all PC devices across the world, with Windows 7 still leading the way with 48.41 per cent of total installs.


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