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EAC Launches new Info Platform

The East African Community (EAC) has launched a new platform for disseminating information that will ensure prompt information outreach to all citizens within the region and the rest of the world through smartphones.

The new platform will also go a long way to re-brand the EAC on the social global network, where information about the EAC and its activities as updated on the website are made available to members of the public on a real time basis through the application.

“The world today has high-tech information dissemination channels to fast-track market and stakeholder interactions,” said EAC head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Owora Richard-Othieno during the launch of the facility in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, according to a dispatch from the EAC secretariat wired to this news website.

He said EAC would not be left behind in technological innovations being adopted at an unprecedented scale and speed in other parts of the world, particularly by what he described as ‘over-the-top players’.

The EAC secretary-general, Dr Richard Sezibera, who unveiled an EAC mobile application, said its aim was to disseminate news, information and reports “on a timely basis about the current state of affairs and development in the EAC”.

He said lauded Otim Brian Joseph, Jacob Eyeru, Leku Deniis and Esemu Herbet from the Ugandan Chapter of the EAC Youth Ambassadors Platform for developing the product and making it accessible globally.

Its unveiling coincided with the 4th EAC secretary-general’s forum held in Dar es Salaam last weekend. Dr Sezibera hailed the Youth Ambassadors for the brilliant innovation, which would go a long way to promote the region in global information networks.

The EAC boss disclosed that the application, also known as ‘EAC in the Palm’ was free, open and easily accessed mobile platform dedicated to easing sharing and disseminating EAC related information as well as tracking reports on development programmes in the region.

“This will increase information outreach and sensitisation on the EAC integration process in real time,” he remarked.

At the launch, Mr Joseph, the head of the EAC Mobile Application Project at the EAC Youth Platform, outlined some of the benefits of the product, which he said included prompt information outreach to all citizens of the EAC and the rest of the world through individual smartphones, thus advancing the “one to one” sensitisation efforts of the EAC.

The platform would also enhance people-centred integration motive through the interactive chat module embedded in the application and increasing the involvement of citizens to informative capacity building discussions regardless of nationality, age, ethnicity, tribe and religion.

By Robert Muriisa.

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