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Apple’s iOS 10 iMessage Is A Huge Mess: First There Was Porn, Now There Are Nazi GIFs

The iOS 10 update is just starting to roll out, but this early, adopters are already starting to spot problems such as the iMessage GIFs that depict explicit pornographic content, nudity and even Nazi memes

The problem seems to stem from a new iOS 10 feature that allows users to search and insert GIFs from iMessage. This is part of the change to the app’s API, which opened it to developers.

The move is prompted by a desire to expand iMessage as a platform. The app has a dedicated App Store, which is being populated by standalone apps that users can download and use inside the iMessage system.

Apple itself has a bunch of applications such as the Super Mario Run stickers it released in support of Nintendo. Other notable apps include Venmo, which offers the capability to send money; Weather Channel for weather forecasts; and Airbnb, among others. Games are also increasingly becoming available and this development is similar to what we have seen in WeChat.

Going back to the nasty GIFs, the problem was first spotted by Gizmodo. Users were able to pull hardcore porn, for instance, when searching for images using keywords such as "huge" and "bounce" or phrases like "My Little Pony." This is in addition to the more direct terms and phrases that are sexual or linked to porn.

"I see the image come up like, holy sh*t, whoa whoa whoa, that’s a hardcore porn image," Tassie Bethany, whose daughter stumbled upon the GIF, said. "I grabbed the phone from her immediately."

If users search the word "power," they could also draw images that range from female breast to a meme, which The Verge discovered, depicting Power Rangers with a swastika for the backdrop.

Adolf Hitler himself has made several GIF appearances for search terms that include "Hitler," and "Nazi." This is disturbing since these GIFs were made available using terms that are innocent and completely unrelated.

Currently, a number of terms have been banned or have failed to yield image results in an apparent response from Apple to address the snafu. There is no official word yet from the company about the issue.

Aside from the iMessage problem, iOS 10 is also plagued by stability issues, prompting T-Mobile to issue a warning for its subscribers not to upgrade since it could cause network connection problems.

"We are getting reports of connectivity issues and Apple is working on a fix," T-Mobile said. "If you have taken iOS10 on those iPhones, you can temporarily fix by powering down and back up. Permanent update coming within 24-48 hours."


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