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Uganda’s Pastor Praises President Kagame for Stabilizing and Developing his Country

Over 500 members of the Rwanda community in Uganda including those from universities, business community and well-wishers, Thursday thronged Kansanga Miracle Centre in Kampala to attend a service, to commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

President of the republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame.

Delivering his message during the service, Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi paid tribute to the victims of the genocide and congratulated Rwanda for having rapid recovery programme.

Kiwewesi also hailed President Paul Kagame for his tireless efforts in maintaining peace, stability and accelerating the development of the country.

Kasanga Miracle Center in Kampala.

“I commend president Kagame and the people of Rwanda for the tireless efforts in establishing security, stability, peace and development in Rwanda as well as their participation in the peace process in the region,” he said.

Kiwewesi told the congregation that it was indeed harsh time for the country but through the great leadership of Kagame the country has flourished.

“I pray to God that he should help President Kagame to lead the people of Rwanda well. I pray he lives longer because, he is a visionary leader who gives the interests of this country the first priority,” he said.

In a message to the gathering Gen. Frank Mugambage, Rwandan high commissioner to Uganda, said that the new Rwanda is built “on the basis of unity of effort, accountable individuals, and institutions that aim for quality”.

Rwandan Ambassador to Uganda, Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage.

“It is this culture that continues to the present and is responsible for the achievements that have made Rwanda a world model in achieving what some thought was impossible,” he said.

Rwandans and friends in Kampala celebrated the 22th anniversary of the liberation of Rwanda and honour those who died during the liberation struggle that stopped the Genocide against the Tutsi and moderate Hutus, who by the official count over 800,000 people perished.

Mugambage told the gathering that apart from the prayer service, other activities will be held in Ggolo, Mpigi at the site where the Genocide Museum will be built.

“The Museum is a humble contribution in preserving the memory of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi,” he said.

Other activities will include a public lecture and a night vigil at the International University of East Africa in Kansanga and a charity walk organised in Entebbe.

By Robert Muriisa.

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