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Ugandan Comedian Queen Anne Kansiime Wins African Oscar

Anne Kansiime is officially the African queen of comedy, at least as witnessed by her recent scooping of a top award, an African Oscar.

Kansiime beat Nigeria’s finest comedians; Basket Mouth and Klint Da Drunk; to the Nollywood & African People’s Choice Award (NAFCA) award.

She was voted in the category of Favourite Comedian, according to the Tuesday announcement.

“Once again my Ninjas showered me with love in The NAFCA Prestigious Film and Honourary Awards and voted me Favourite comedian,” she wrote excitedly on social media.

“Thank you my lovers for giving me yet another opportunity to sit at the table of MEN.”

She will be presented with the award on September 12, 2015 at the iconic The Orpheum Theatre Broadway, Los Angeles, and U.S.A where the 5th edition of the awards will be held.

The NAFCA awards commonly referred to as The African Oscars are US awards designed to globally promote African Cinema, stage performance and culture.

Grajoh Entertainment boss, Johnson Mujungu, says in August (21st & 22nd, 2015), Kansiime will be in Namibia on her world tour.

She is also expected to return to London (she goes every year) for 2beloved Gala “where I meet you and we talk about love, laugh, eat, dance, take pictures and get to know each other personal”.

For the third time in a row, she will be at the Croydon Park Park hotel on August 29.

Kansiime who started her comedy career while in Makerere University as an actress, has also bagged other coveted awards that include AIRTEL Women of Substance Awards 2014, BEFFTA (The Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television & Arts Award) 2013 Best Comedian, Lagos International Festival 2013 (Best Actress), Social Media Awards (Favorite Celebrity) and African Social Awards Malaysia (ASAM) 2013.

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