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Thugs robbed Uganda’s singer Sheba Karungi, Music Awards taken

Sheba was robbed yesterday at his home where many of her music accolades were stolen but thank God the thugs didn’t harm her or cause any strange thing on her life. She is safe.

Sheba Karungi is a sad woman and has promised to start a self defense training soon so that she could protect herself if such happens again. How is she going to make it, let’s wait!

She has worked so hard to give herself a decent life but as usual thieves don’t give a damn after unknown gangs broke into her apartment, and swept it clean.

Sheba says she’s sad and angry that they even took her prized possessions that mean a lot to her like her music career award symbols. She said this via her Facebook page.

"I shall not stop what I am doing, I am to continue with life and fight for my future by working hard, I won’t let the thugs end my plans, I have to move on." She said.

By Robert Muriisa.

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