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Shocking details about why Daniella left Jose Chameloene out

It’s not often people turn down a chance to be married and living with the fathers of their children … but Daneila Atim told Joseph Chameleone that their marriage is already on the rocks, and the two parties are far from reconciliation.

Multiple sources connected to both sides tell us Chameleone and Daniela are now fighting each other for custody of their children after the latter packed her belongs this week and went to her late father’s house in Mutungo.

Chameleone’s old ways was definitely a factor too much partying, womanizing and battering Daniela.

But we’re also told Chameloene is blaming personal friend and music promoter Ronald Sipapa for failing his marriage after finding out that Sipapa is giving Daniela upkeep money.

We’re told Chameleone was taken by surprise by the Sipapa involvement in his wife’s leaving he didn’t think things were THAT serious but Sipapa has even offered to rent her a house after she left the Bayuda singer’s home in Seguku.

Things were frigid after the split Sipapa’s girlfriend, Mary Bata had given Daniela the new phone she is using now.

We’re guessing both insanely angry, wealthy Sipapa and Chameloene won’t have an issue fighting with the singer having already reported an attempted assault case GE48/2017 against the music promoter at Katwe Police station.


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