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Pallaso terms divorce attempt of Chameleone with Daniella a ’little misundestanding’

Jose Chameleone’s younger brother, Pallaso, has come out to defend him, saying that it was nothing close to a divorce.

Chameleone was accused of beating up his wife Daniella and children in Uganda, where she was rumoured to have gone to court to annul their marriage. In the petition filed in April, she stated that Chameleon batters her and their four children Abba Mayanja, 11, Alfa Mayanja, eight, Alba Mayanja, four, and Amama Mayanja, three.

Pallaso said: "Chameleone talked to me about it. How do I deal with this? Personally I told him to give her time. You have a big concert ahead of you. You are Chameleone and that’s a very heavy image to lift up. Plus if you are lifting that image and you have other problems to lift, it’s gonna become too heavy for you, my brother."

When asked if Daniella was really serious about filing for an annulment, he said: "What I know is they had a little misunderstanding. He talked to me about it and I talked back as much as he shared it. I didn’t go far beyond my limits. But at the end of it all, nobody is perfect coz if they were perfect, then in church you don’t have to swear for better or worse."

Mutoni Jolie

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