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Diamond’s not the father of my twins, my Instagram was hacked — Burundian

Social media bullies have been called out for illegally using photos of a Burundian woman, Honey Asmah, to cast aspersions on Diamond and Zari’s relationship.

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Honey Asmah

The mother of the twins, who have been trending on social media because of claims they were sired by Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platnumz, has come out to deny the whole story.

She says nefarious characters took her photos and cloned her Instagram account and came up with the story.

The characters used the pseudonym "Honey Jesca" to report that she is a former Miss Burundi 2012 who was best friends with Zari Hassan.

Honey Asmah clarified in a video message: "I would like to address this woman called Honey Jesca. Because she is using my photos and those of my children."

She continued, "I dare you [Honey Jesca] to go live with your children to prove that they are Diamond’s children. Or take a video with them and respond to me. Do that, if you believe all that drivel you have been spinning."

Honey Asmah adds that she is not Miss Burundi and has never been a beauty queen, and above all, her beautiful twins were not sired by Diamond. However, she is Burundian and resides in Rwanda and only visits Tanzania for business, not pleasure.

Diamond has only acknowledged that he has two baby mamas, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto. In total, he is father to three children: Tiffah, Nillan and Abdul.


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