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Can’t Wait: Defiance H.E Bobi Wine Organizes ’TOKA KWABALABALA MU DEMBE’ CONCERT

Uganda’s super star the Fire Base boss aka the Ghetto president ’His Excellency’ Bobi Wine has organised a big concert entitled ’Toka Kwabalabala Mu Dembe’ on Easter Monday at his One Love Beach, Busabala which he has said it’s going to be the best one ever.

Bobi Wine and his son at One Love Beach

Bobi Wine who is sympathetic and has been advocating for the freedom of FDC presidential candidate, Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, will be accompanied by Adam Mulwana - who sang Besigye’s campaign song ’Toka Kwabalabala’ and Sir Mathias Walukaga.

Bobi and his family.

Bobi Wine expects to earn much from the concert after Bebe Cool chickened out and cancelled his Easter show at his beach Kiwatule over ’Tubonga Nawe’ boycott threat.

The ‘Tubonga Nawe has of recent days been criticised over support they have given to the ‘dictator’ Museveni which most of Ugandans say, these artists are misled by Museveni and they are likely to be receiving low turn-up on their concerts.

If any Ugandan musician messes up in Political affairs, fans will treat likewise on their concerts and the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ clue might fall in the trap because they are accused of supporting Museveni.

Everything happens at Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach. Look at his fans swimming

’Toka Kwabalabala’ was the song the FDC Opposition leader Col Kizza Besigye was using during his previous presidential campaigns and it was the most hitting song in Uganda.

By Robert Muriisa.

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