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Beyonce Might Have Finally Confirmed Those Pregnancy Rumors—While Buried Up To Her Neck In Sand

Beyonce will not stop being perfect. No matter what she does. And if this new Instagram is how she chose to finally reveal her second pregnancy, then I’m completely on board.

Because look, no one on earth looks good when they’re buried up to their neck in sand. And who loves to bury people more than say, adorably precocious three-year-olds like Blue Ivy? Plus Blue just had her birthday so her mom owes her one.

I’m guessing that’s how Bey ended up in the compromising, sandy position that she just shared on Instagram:

And the more you look at this picture, the more you will be convinced that something is a little different about the way Blue sculpted her mom. Because we all know that Beyonce dances her ass off constantly and is in pretty much flawless shape, so that big round tummy that she’s sporting in the pic seems like yet another reason for us to believe that Beyonce is indeed, pregnant again.

Was this sandy picture the big reveal? Will Queen Bey ever speak in anything aside from riddles and let us stop playing this guessing game???

Of course, we all remember that first iconic VMA’s reveal:

And the way her career has sky-rocketed even more since the birth of Blue Ivy proves that Bey is indeed, strong enough to bear the children—then get back to business.

Ref: MTV

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this is good

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