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Stromae cries as he speaks of the Tutsi genocide that killed his father

Invited to the Ivorian television as part of his African tour , Belgian singer of Rwandese origin Stromae broke down in tears when interviewed on the Tutsi genocide that claimed the lives of his family , including his father .

According TeleLoisirs.fr website , Stromae was the special guest of the Ivorian show of C’Midi RTI1 in Abidjan . It was a few days before the cancellation due to health problems of his first African tour that was supposed to end on June 20 in Kigali.

If the first part of the talk show was held in a good atmosphere , the second took a different turn when the presenter launched "the game of the four boxes ," a game that allows the guest to discuss his influences and subjects close to his heart.

"It’s horrible. And it’s not a cute box indeed. It’s horrible, it touched me and it still touches me to see that we still can’t quite live together anymore. And that’s really diff ... "said the singer before cracking. The facilitator then interrupts and asks the assistants to bring handkerchiefs.

Then goes on Stromae in a trembling voice, "actually it’s weird, it’s been three times I cry during an interview, I’m sorry about that It happened to me when I arrived in Cape. Verde. Basically the guide told us that no matter where we come from, Cape Verde, we are all affected indirectly by that place. No matter the color. It was so strong and heavy ... Whenever I say we still can not live together, I cry, because it is a true fact. "

That ’Living together’, you take it with you wherever you go, " the host replied , apologizing for having put him in this situation. "I try " replied of the hit maker of "Papaoutai".

The 30-year-old Belgian, who has found runaway success with his danceable, at times philosophical tracks, had said before his Dakar concert that going to Rwanda would be an emotional experience for him.

"As I get closer and closer to Rwanda... a lot of things are going to come out (in me) and honestly, I don’t know what to expect."

Having achieved fame in Europe and Africa, Stromae is due to play his biggest concert yet in the United States, at Madison Square Garden in New York City in October.

Stromae has also collaborated with US rap superstar Kanye West, who performed with him at the Coachella festival in California in April.

Emile N.

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