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The War between Bobi Wine & Weasel has Just Begun, Mozey Radio

Entertainment lovers, should we expect another drama between top Uganda’s artists Bobi Wine aka the Guetto president and Good life’s singer Weasel?

It’s a question to you all.

However, in recent days till now the beef between the Fire base’s boss and Guetto president Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool of Gagamel has been so tight and according to reports, it’s believed that we could see another interesting hustle between Bobi and the Goodlyfe clue especially with Weasle.

Roumers say the beef is all about money and my question is, can Weasle match Bobi wine? This guy (Bobi) has invested and he is not only an artist on stage but also a business man but let’s just wait.

During our most recent interview with Goodlyfe crew at their home in Makindye, while talking about the recent verbal war between Weasel and Bobi Wine, Mwozey Radio distanced himself away from the developing beef of the two musicians claiming that he is not concerned about it.

The singer also added that the Beef between the two artistes had just begun and that they should expect more fire from both camps.

“I Radio am less concerned about this beef but what Ugandans should know is that this war between these two guys has just began not as many of you thought,” he said.

We will keep you posted.

By Robert Muriisa.

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