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Someone Should Teach these Female Celebrities how to get out of a Car without Reflecting their ‘Dum’!

It’s not only the celebrities that normally do such mistakes of exposing their ’shit’ when entering or getting out of their cars, but all ladies are fond of doing the same mess.

However, with their lives constantly recorded by media, you would think that celebrities learned how to avoid being exposed in public but NO, they are still doing the same mistake.

Apparently that’s not the case. Now, we know that getting out of the car in tight little dress can be tricky, but there are surely ways to do it without flashing the photographers.

These 10 celebrities either didn’t care, or they just weren’t thinking about the fact that there will be a camera pointed at them every time they get out of the car.

Kate Hudson.

It’s fair to say that Kate realized she’s being observed by a camera lens. The photographer got everything, despite her trying to carefully retrieve her bag from the back seat.

Being a happy person that she is, Cara decided to do a little dance in the parking lot, next to her car and in front of many people. Someone snapped this photo of the event.

Courtney, An experienced actress, Courtney should have known by now how to get out of the car gracefully. Maybe she did this on purpose?

Abby Clancy, Just like Courtney Cox, Abby Clancy wasn’t spared from the camera attention as she was getting out of the car.

Britney, Known for her controversial behavior over the years, Britney was apparently too much even for Paris Hilton, as she tried to prevent Britney from showing everything to paparazzi.

Caroline Flack, Visiting a restaurant for an event, Caroline Flack accidentally flashed the photographers who were documenting the celebrities as they arrived. Unlucky for her, lucky for the photographers.

Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston are caught by surprise while exiting a car. No matter how hard they try, they are bound to slip up sometime.

Chloe, definitely forgot what she was wearing when this photo was taken. She revealed everything to the amusement of the paparazzi.

The night this was taken, Stephanie Davies was out of control. Compared to some other incidents from the same night, her flashing photographers from her car is probably the least controversial.

Kate Moss. is another celebrity who couldn’t control her tight dress as she was getting out of the car. Her choice of underwear didn’t help either.

By Robert Muriisa.

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