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Rihanna ‘Falling Off the Drake Wagon:’ She Can’t Stop Hooking Up With the Rapper

Rihanna just can’t quit Drake. Although she swore to herself they were just going to be friends, Riri has fallen off the ‘wagon’, once again finding herself in a romantic relationship with the bad boy rapper.

She could get almost any man in the world but Rihanna, 28, seems to prefer men who treat her poorly. Or perhaps she just loves what’s familiar? Either way, the ANTI artist has “fallen off the wagon” and back in the sack with ex Drake, 29.

Drake’s got more game than Milton Bradley. The man consistently pulls the hottest women in Hollywood and his ex Rihanna is just his latest. On Mar. 15,she was seen seriously grinding on him at her show in Miami. And with all the work, work, work, work work, the two have been doing together recently, it’s made Rihanna fall hard for him.

“They’re not together, but Rihanna’s fallen off the wagon,” a source close to the pop princess said “She and Drake are back to being friends with benefits and she’s all right with that, for now.”

While Rihanna’s enjoying her new romance with no strings attached, those close to her say it’s dangerous. Her friends are concerned that Drake will end up hurting her again and are cautious of their sexual relationship.

“Drake plays mind games and it’s sad because she’s falling for his BS all over again. She can’t help herself,” the source explained. Oh no we really wish Riri would find herself a man who treated her well.

“She knows he’s a jerk at times and a player. She overlooks that because he’s charming, smooth and sexy. They’ve had wild sex in the past and no matter how much Rihanna says she’s looking for a long lasting commitment, she has urgent bedroom needs.” Be careful RiRi!

By Robert Muriisa.

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