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Rwanda revised tourist visa fees

Effective this month, new visa fees come into effect with tourists entering Rwanda now required to pay either 35 UK pounds, 45 euros or 50 US dollars respectively.

Transit visas are reportedly pegged at 20 UK pounds, 27 euros or 30 US dollars.

After Uganda, more core countries of the East African community - Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania - have recently reduced the visa fee from 100 US dollars to 50 US dollars, and are now all at the same level of 50 US dollars for a tourist visa.

The common East African Tourist visa remains at 100 US dollars per person, giving access to all 3 participating countries, namely Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, which Tanzania is remaining outside this arrangement although under pressure from the tourism sector to join the scheme to increase tourist arrivals.

The other two members of the East African Community no longer have a real bearing on tourism due to internal conflict, those being Burundi and South Sudan. Burundi in fact requires visa in advance, which started the downward spiral of tourism arrivals dropping bottomless, while South Sudan is, according to travel insurance companies, a no-go area with no coverage extended to anyone visiting that country.


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