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Motorcycle Factory to start in kigali

Rwanda Motorcycle Company (RMC), is expected to start assembling the motorcycles this month. Motorcycles are a common means of transport in Rwanda and are efficient and cost effective.

The assembly is set to start assembling motorcycles at Kigali Special Economic Zone, a move expected to reduce the cost of motorcycles in the country.
Motorcycle assembly to start in Rwanda

According to McPhee Christopher, the company director, the goal is to promote ’Made in Rwanda’ products by engaging local steel companies and other manufacturing companies to supply materials.

The initial investment in the assembling plant is $1.2 million but more is expected to be invested as the production grows, according to officials.

In an interview,Christopher said "Our first target is taxi-motos which will be the largest volume, we will also target government officials and non-government organisations," he said.

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McPhee Christopher, company director of RMC,

The motorcycles will be sold in Kigali and were specially designed and tested to suit Rwandan roads, sale after-market parts, and mechanical services, he said.

"We thought the market was prime, we can offer a better product for the country. We have various parts and a reliable engine and the price is going to be lower than those already on the market because we are producing them here," he added.

All is set for them to start assembling motorcycles of different brands in the next two weeks.

Containers with parts from various factories in China that will be assembled are currently in Tanzania awaiting clearance to be transported to Rwanda, according to Christopher.

The initial production capacity will be 130 motorcycles per month but with plans to expand in six months to produce the same quantity (130 motorcycles) per week, according to Christopher.

The company hopes to create jobs for over 100 local technicians, with a target to sell to locals after five years through employees’ buyout system. The cost of the motorcycles ranges from Rwf1.2 million to Rwf3 million, according to Louis Masengesho, the factory marketing manager.

According to Christopher, there are plans to forge partnerships with local factories so that they start using their metal products instead of importing them.

"We are hoping to partner with other factories so that we can get materials which are locally made such as hand bars and some other pieces. For instance, we can have bars bent here and if we can do all the tube pieces, plastic pieces and painting, this will be a big portion of the motorcycles," he noted.

There are seven motorcycle brands all given Kinyarwanda names that define their strengths such as Ingenzi, Indakangwa, Indahigwa, Imparage, Ifarasi and Inzovu.


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