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US election 2016: Clinton is the devil, says Trump

Republican candidate hits out at Democratic rival and says election will be ’rigged’ as his poll ratings fall

Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton was "the devil" and warned that the presidential election would be "rigged" as he faced growing criticism for his attacks on a US Muslim soldier’s grieving family.

Addressing a rally in Pennsylvania, the Republican candidate said Bernie Sanders had "made a deal with the devil" by endorsing Clinton for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

"She’s the devil," he added.

He’d earlier accused the veteran senator of looking as if he had "buyer’s remorse" when listening to Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

"When she was talking about Bernie last night, the camera was on him and he was angry," he said in an interview with ABC News. "It almost looks like he has buyer’s remorse, like he shouldn’t have made the deal.”

The controversial billionaire’s comments come in the face of condemnation from both Republicans and Democrats over his remarks relating to the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq in 2004.

Khizr Khan, with his wife, Ghazala, by his side, spoke out against Trump at the Democratic convention – to which the Republican responded by suggesting Ghazala had been blocked from speaking.

He also accused Khan of "viciously" attacking him.

Speaking to the BBC, the Khans said it was time to stand up to Trump.

Senator John McCain and investor Warren Buffett are the latest to criticise the Republican nominee for his comments, which have hit him hard in the polls, with Clinton now leading with 52 per cent to Trump’s 43 per cent, according to the latest data from CNN/ORC.

Meanwhile, at a campaign town hall in Columbus, Ohio, Trump said he feared the election would be "rigged", a comment The Guardian says is an unprecedented statement for a major party nominee in modern history.


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