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UH CAR DEAL brings Publics’ dream vehicle purchase service better and closer in Rwanda

UHCAR DEAL a privately owned company which imports and sells quality new and used cars as Well as the auto-parts from Japan and Europe.

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The CEO of UHCAR Deal, Mr. Habiyambere Hassan standing upfront his company logo

UH CAR DEAL Ltd the number One Automotive Company that has been in operation for close 2 years in Kigali Rwanda, was founded by Mr.Habiyambere Hassan, a young entrepreneur. With its interactions in the entire landscape of trusted professional motor dealers and leading manufacturer brands, they provide tools and content that enables every potential client to confidently research the second largest purchase they are ever likely to own - a car.

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Mr. Habiyambere Hassan conducting business in his office

In the bid to further serve the public better, they have consolidated new services namely as:
1-Save to buy a vehicle. With this service, a client is provided with the company’s bank account so that he or she may be able to save through paying per month and when it accumulates to 50% of the total agreed vehicle price, client is given the vehicle and allowed to pay the balance in installments in period of five Months.

2- Trade In-service. Within this service if a client has gotten a vehicle and would like to do away with it and have a new one, the company values its worthiness and later agrees with the client on how much is to be topped up for him or her to have the preferred vehicle of choice

3-Walk in Order. Incase a client finds that a vehicle that he or she wants isn’t within the bond, there is a choice of ordering through the company and we do the service of delivering it to the client by his or her priority.

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Mr.Hassan inspecting one of his vehicles up for sale in Vehicle bond

UH CAR DEAL company has served hundreds of clients in Rwanda with over 200 new/used vehicles sold out and currently having over 60 vehicles to choose from with a sure deal of being able to find something you just....’’have to have’’ at UH CAR DEAL. Their NON-commissioned sales team will show you different vehicle options in your search criteria, and help you through the purchase process from start to finish.

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Some of the vehicles in the bond up for sale

You are not pressured into buying any vehicle that is not of interest to you for that lets you will feel free and sure about your purchase for years to come. In addition to a friendly atmosphere, you will have a peace of mind knowing are dealing with a Better Business Bureau.

For further infomation regarding their services,you may reach them on: Email: chrissani14@gmail.com or call on 0785026788 Alternatively 0781167172

Customers are supplied free car proof history report on any of our certified vehicles, and will have multiple options for getting financing options through one of their many lenders.

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