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Confirmed Report from former Director General of External Security of Uganda David Pulkol that big trucks full of UPDF troops has entered South Sudan, twenty trucks by Elgu to Nimule, and eighteen trucks via Ajumani to Kajokeji.

According to David Pulkol the mission is to pursue the Equatorian Armed oppositions and to clear out rebellion around South Sudan border with Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, though the Uganda government blackmail the people and the region that they are pursuing Uganda Armed oppositions and L.R.A in Northern Uganda and Eastern Uganda and West Nile all are propaganda of H.E. Yoweri Museveni

Gen. Pulkol said the visited of President Abdullah Fatah Sisi of Egypt to Uganda last month followed by unofficial and secret visit of H.E. Museveni to Juba three days after Egypt President visited to Uganda, in which President Museveni having closed door meeting with President Salva Kiir, all these head of states of the three countries South Sudan, Uganda and Egypt aimed on:

- Support of Sudanese and Ethiopian Armed opposition SPLM-North and Darfur Rebels both with Military Equipments and full logistics including Finance.

- Egypt will be the Supply Country and Uganda then South Sudan will be the Corridors to supply the Equipments to the SPLM-North, Darfur Rebels and Ethiopian Armed opposition.

- The military Training camps has to be open along South Sudan border with Uganda and Congolese border, the reason behind is that they want to use Congo and Central Africa’s corridors to lunch attack to Sudan government than using South Sudan Border only. Secondly the training Camps will be around Mofok and around Lasu, and thirdly to easier the transportation of the Equipments by land because by air it will be difficulties because South Sudan air-space is under the control of Sudan.

Egypt has sent 58 senior military commanders three days ago through Uganda to South Sudan, the military commanders are to go and access the ground for training, secondly to train SPLA, the commanders are from different military Units, Armor, Atilary, Air-defense, CMI, etc.

Egypt Interest Behind All These Plans.

The government of Egypt has a plan to topple both the government of Sudan and Ethiopia, the reason behind all this is because the Ethiopian Dam that Egypt has contested with Ethiopia before and opposed its construction but Sudan and Ethiopia decided to ahead and built the Dam anyway.

The second major issue is that the contested Area in the Northern part of Sudan that bordering Egypt (Halayib) Egypt is claiming that the area belongs to them and Sudan also claiming the area as well. So this is what is happening in the region.


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