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Ugandan Government sued over failure to arrest Sudan’s Omar Al-Bashir

The government of Uganda under the presidency of Museveni has been sued by Legal Brains Trust for hosting Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir at president Kaguta’s swearing in ceremony last week.

Bashir faces two ICC indictments for atrocities linked to the conflict in Darfur, where an estimated 300,000 people have died and 2 million have been forced out of their homes since 2003.

Uganda is a member of The Hague-based court and as such, is obligated to detain and hand in suspects wanted by the tribunal.

Bashir rejected the ICC’s authority and has been able to travel relatively freely in Africa and the Middle East – even to countries like Uganda and South Africa that are signatories to the Rome Statute and are required to carry out ICC arrest warrants.

At the swearing in ceremony, president Museveni described ICC as bunch of useless people and revealed that he no longer supports it.

The statement made US, European and Canadian diplomats leave Museveni’s swearing in ceremony in protest.

Legal Brains Trust Chief Executive Officer Isaac Ssemakadde yesterday said they have gone to court to express “disapproval of the conduct of government of Uganda in failing to arrest and detain Bashir.”


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Robert Uganda - 18/05/2016 saa 12:22

How i wish the ICC IMPLEMENTS all the hard conditions on M7, He will at one point follow Libya's Gadafi. We are tired of M7 and his bogus gov't. If he survives ICC, he won't escape cancer, and if he escapes cancer, he won't survive with HIV and if he dodges both, he wont escape pressure. BESIGYE IS MY PRESIDENT. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

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