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President Museveni makes roadside phone call, Excites Villagers

Residents of Kyeirumba village in Isingiro district have urged the President to prevail over solar distributors to reduce the cost of batteries and enable easy access.

President Yoweri Museveni made a surprise stop at the high way at Kyeirumba village in Isingiro district to make a phone call shortly after attending the World Population Day commemoration in Isingiro district.

Curious residents started gathering when they saw the President talking while acknowledging cheers with his trademark thumb sign. He also directed his security not to block traffic while he made his call.

The President who made the phone call for about 30 minutes later talked to the residents who hailed him for the tarmacking of the 74 Kilometer road that links Uganda to Tanzania through Kikagati in Isingiro district. The road was constructed at a cost of Shs 178billion.

They also urged him to engage solar distributors to reduce the cost of batteries which are now at Shs 400,000 and to power distributors to make electricity cheaper.

The President pledged to engage stakeholders on reducing the cost of power in the rural areas.


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