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Our Army can now defend our country:Somali army chief

The Chief of Somali National Army Maj Gen Mohamed Aden Ahmed has said the Somali national army is now prepared and capable of taking the security responsibility war torn North African nation.

Gen Mohamed Aden while addressing the media in Mogadishu Saturday morning his forces can now be able liberate the few areas where Al-Shabaab remnants are taking cover.

“I am very much optimistic and have enough confidence that whenever our AU troops pullout from Somalia, our troops will be capable of taking control of the entire nation and liberate Al-Shabaab militants from the few remaining areas where they are now hiding” he said.

His statements come at a time when the Ugandan government announced on Thursday that the Ugandan contingent serving under Amisom in Somalia would start pulling out in December next year.

According to the chief of defense forces Gen Katumba Wamala, the UPDF withdrawal from Somalia was as a result of the frustration by the Somali army in handling its security and the international funders after the EU which is the chief funder of the mission announced budget cuts.

It remains unclear if after UPDF withdrawal which is manning major key installations in the capital Mogadishu the nation will remain secured as the capital remains target by the Alshaabab militants.


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