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Opposition leader in Uganda granted Shs100m bail, released from prison

Kizza Besigye has been granted bail a Shs100m non-cash bond by High Court in Kampala.Presiding Judge Justice Masalu Musene asked Besigye to restrain from violence until his case is disposed of.

Justice Musene in his Tuesday ruling recalled that in 2006, Kizza Besigye who was facing treason charges, was released on bail and appeared in court 39 times before he was acquitted.

The state led by Akello Florence had asked for stringent terms should court grant bail citing his participation in the defiance campaign.

Justice Musene said bail is representative of notion that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty or if they confess.

He cited gave illness certified by a medical officer, no objection from DPP, advanced age among grounds on which bail is granted.

He also cited sound sureties, a permanent abode among other grounds on which bail is granted to an accused person.

“The applicant has proved on oath that he is 60 years old which is advanced age. There was no rebuttal,” Musene ruled.

“The accused person [Besigye] religiously attended court in previous cases in honor of bail conditions.”

The judge said although he is an influential person, bail shouldn’t be denied based on allegations Besigye would interfere with investigations.

The judge, however, warned Besigye to keep peace and avoid violence.

Starting July 26, he is expected to report to court on a weekly basis as a condition for his bail.

Besigye has been in jail since May on treason charges.

He is accused of swearing himself in as the people’s president and declaring himself winner of February 2016 elections.


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