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Museveni’s son-in-law Rwabwogo attacks again, ‘govt is broken’

Mr Odrek Rwabwogo, the first son-in-law has presumably taken another swipe against a government by President Yoweri Museveni insinuating blindness and a disconnect from the main agenda of the country by ministries commanded by the head of state

He was following up on his last missive titled “Are Strongmen a hindrance or facilitator to institutional growth, successful political transition?” – published in the New Vision of February 13.

Rwabwogo was responding to his father-in-law’s private secretary/political affairs Mr. David Masaba’s counterattack that there is certainly more than enough internal party democracy in the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Masaba had said President Museveni’s people shall not dwell on Rwabwogo’s usage of the term “strongman”, and the lack of a concrete definition. We shall not, similarly, waste too much time on his rendition of Fukayama’s reflections on Lee Kuan Yew and the Singaporean experience – and whether or not he (Rwabwogo) agrees with it.

Rwabwogo who has become relentless in pointing out the ills in President Museveni’s government, preferring to seek an new ideological dispensation in the country, accused Mafabi of “speaking from a theoretical, hands-off perspective and yet my own approach on matters of the economy are real life sceneries based on day to day constraints we face in the private sector from production to processing and marketing the country’s products.”

He also claimed that there was not enough internal democracy in the ruling NRM party, “I prefer not to stork more fires on this point but I am sure Mr. Mafabi reflected on the use of the term ‘Enough’ in his text. There isn’t and shouldn’t be such a word immediately following the word ‘democracy’ because there can’t be a position of ‘enough’ in the field of expanding the frontiers of debate, human freedoms and democracy in any institution in any country.

“In the current set up of the Ministries of Finance, Trade, Works and Foreign Affairs, there is no export infrastructure, no uniform command centre or organised in any way to support firms trying to export. We just have silos of ministries and departments disconnected from the most important agenda of the country.”

“At 47 and my own worldview from when I was a university student 23 years ago, looks down on judgment about people based on age, origins, money, looks, religion, names, colour, relations, friends or any other shallow externalities that people use to pass sentence on others. It isn’t simply repugnant to me but such a waste to put any man or woman’s purpose on earth on such fleeting externalities as these because human beings are more than what their age or political inclination is.”

“If you agree that learning and gelling ideas is a fine tradition, you need to know that the movement ideology too is partly eclectic.”


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