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Man bitten by a python while on the toilet

A man in Thailand was bitten on the penis by a python while he was sitting on the toilet.

The 3.3m long snake sank its fangs into Atthaporn Boonmakchuay’s genitals after he sat down on the toilet.

The 38-year-old tried desperately to break free from the serpent’s jaws and screamed for his wife.

Mr Boonmakchuay then reportedly tied a rope around the snake’s head and attached the end to the door handle.

He was rushed from his home in Chachoengsao, east of the capital Bangkok, to hospital after suffering blood loss in the ordeal.

Emergency crews later forced the python out of pipes under the toilet by using hammers to smash it free.

The reptile was reportedly placed in a bag and released back in the wild unharmed.


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