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Kenyan trade fair launched in Burundi’s capital

Burundian First Vice-President Gaston Sindimwo on Monday launched the third edition of Kenya trade investment and cultural expo, rejoicing at the return of peace and security in the east African nation.

Tom Amolo, political diplomatic secretary at the Kenyan foreign ministry, represented the Kenyan government at the fair that took place at Tempete field near shores of Lake Tanganyika.

"If you see people here: Kenyans, Tanzanians, Burundians ... All of them are here for the development of Burundi. This shows that Burundi has recovered peace and security," Sindimwo said.

The envoy of the Kenyan government said the trade fair is a framework to deepen relations between Burundi and Kenya.

"This trade fair is a milestone in deepening Kenya-Burundi economic and commercial ties," Amolo said.

According to Amolo, the volume of investments between the two countries is over 70 million U.S. dollars, but "the volume of investments remains very small and I think that we have to do more."

The week-long trade fair was organized by the Kenya-Burundi association.

The trade fair has been themed "Enhancing economic cooperation and regional integration is a vital milestone to boost bilateral Kenya-Burundi economic ties".

The second edition of the Kenya trade investment and cultural expo was held in September 2015


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