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Just resign, Raila tells Uhuru, claims IEBC officials in danger

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign following the "sham election" on August 8.

Raila (NASA) made a fourth attempt for the top seat and refused to concede after IEBC declared Uhuru beat him by more than 1.4 million votes.

But in a memo on Thursday, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati detailed numerous failures by the secretariat that formed a key part of Supreme Court proceedings.

Chebukati raised questions on Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing, security features on election material, the KIEMS system and the creation of an account in his name.

Raila said this vindicated the Opposition and added on Friday that it is now clear the election was rigged.

He said the President should release the people of Kenya from a repeat of elections.

"Uhuru and Jubilee should resign and let Kenyans move on. Everything is now clear...he lost," the ODM leader told a press conference.

"If I were Uhuru I would just resign and leave this thing. Must you impose yourself on the people of Kenya? Now he is trying to buy individuals," he said. "We urge Jubilee to do the right thing."

He further said the National Super Alliance has a team ready for discussions with IEBC, when they get ready.

Opposition leaders earlier said they were not consulted in the setting of the October 17 date for the fresh presidential poll.

A meeting between IEBC officials and Jubilee Party members failed to take off on Thursday. This was after the Jubilee team demanded to have NASA in the meeting.

"I will attend the meeting only if the Jubilee candidate will be attending. NASA is ready for any discussion," Raila said.

The NASA principal also claimed commissioners’ lives are in danger following the leaked memo and that they should be protected.

"They are receiving emails threatening their lives. They are in a dangerous situation."

Concerns about the safety of IEBC officials arose after the murder of acting ICT manager Chris Msando, who was tortured and strangled.

On Thursday, Raila said Jubilee leaders belong in jail and are people you cannot compete with.

This was part of his response to a memo by Chebukati which posed 12 questions on election failures to CEO Ezra Chiloba.

"Shame on you. You should not be standing in front of people and chest-thumping that you won the elections," Raila told the President.

"You did not win. Allow Kenyans to elect their leaders. You [Uhuru Kenyatta] and DP William Ruto are a big shame."

Earlier today, the NASA chief ask for donations for NASA campaigns saying supporters can buy tickets to ’Canaan’ by sending any amount of money.

The payments can be to M-Pesa paybill 991444 or Co-operative Bank account name ODM, account number 01120006511102.

"People can contribute whatever they can afford even if it is Sh10, Sh100, Sh1 million and much more. This will help us in the campaigns," Raila told journalists on Friday.

"When you make that contribution you will be buying your ticket to Canaan...The journey is unstoppable...buy your ticket because we are confident we shall reach Canaan."


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