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ISIS bans football REFEREES for following FIFA rather than SHARIA LAW

ISLAMIC State has banned referees from football matches for following the rules laid down by Fifa instead of Islamic law.

Members of the jihadi security forces have warned every football ground owner in the region.

ISIS claims the decisions made by referees during football games "are not respecting Allah’s orders" and are "illegitimate".

The group are said to have claimed that instead of handing out red cards, under Sharia law injured players should punish the player who hurt him.

Commanders have drawn up new rules explaining how injured players can be compensated.

Under the Qisas system victims can exact revenge or claim compensation.
ISIS used their own courts to push through the new law.

The ban comes just days before the start of the football season in the ISIS stronghold in the eastern province of Deir al-Zur.

Players are said to have welcomed the ban and feel "lucky" ISIS have not outlawed the game itself.

One player said: “We’re lucky because the football we play does not run using Fifa’s name – then the organisation would have stopped games once and for all and not just refereeing.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it is not the first time ISIS has banned referees.

ISIS has forbidden football in the city of Mosul, the self-proclaimed capital of ISIS in Iraq

People caught playing can be punished with 80 lashes, according to witnesses. where people who practice this sport are punished with eighty lashes, according to witnesses.

The crazed jihadis have already banned smoking, dancing, watching foreign television, private internet access and satellite dishes.

People caught breaking the group’s rules fax flogging, beheading, shooting and burning.


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