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French Senator under fire for linking Macron-Bayrou political alliance to Hutu and Tutsi conflict

Hutu-Tutsi strife sparked the 1994 Rwanda genocide and decade-long civil war in Burundi.

A French senator has come in for heavy criticism after he used a reference to Hutu and Tutsi people, two groups in Africa that became known through the 1994 Rwanda genocide and decade-long civil war in Burundi, to describe the alliance formed by two French Presidential candidates.

Election hopefuls outsider Emmanuel Macron and François Bayrou, a veteran centrist, on 22 February announced they were forming an alliance ahead of France’s elections, the first round of which will be held on 23 April 2017.

Activists and social media users lambasted Senator Pierre Charon after he posted a tweet referring to the surprise alliance between Macron and Bayrou. In the tweet, which came accompanied by a picture of the candidates together, Charon wrote:

"@bayrou: When the Hutus join the Tutsis! This is thus the proof Macron is (outgoing Persident Francois) Hollande’s candidate"


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