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Christian sect storms Prison, frees Leader and 50 others

Rebels from an outlawed political-religious group attacked Kinshasa’s central prison yesterday , breaking out their leader and about 50 other prisoners, the Congolese government said.

"Followers of the Bundu Dia Kongo (BDK) attacked Makala prison at dawn and broke out around 50 prisoners including their guru, Ne Muanda Nsemi," government spokesman Lambert Mende said, indicating police had given a chase

Mr Nsemi is a self-styled prophet and the leader of an outlawed group seeking to re­vive the ancient Kongo kingdom.

He was arrested, along with his three wives and son, in March following clashes between his supporters and police.

Mr Nsemi leads the Bundu dia Kongo movement, which is campaigning to restore a monarchy in parts of DR Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, Angola and Gabon.

He was an MP when he was arrested in Kinshasa after police accused him of incit­ing violence.

A major operation is underway in Kin­shasa to recapture the prisoners, reports the BBC’s Mbelechi Msoshi from the city.

He saw Red Cross officials loading the bodies of several prisoners into vehicles and and transporting them to the morgue.

In January 2016, every prisoner except one escaped from a jail in eastern DR Con­go. They included murder and rape con­victs.

By 8.30am, a column of thick black smoke could be seen over Makala prison, with dozens of police and soldiers blocking off access to the facility.

The dramatic assault took place as DR Congo marks 20 years since the fall of Mobutu Sese Seko, who ruled the country with an iron fist for more than three decades.

Mobutu was ousted by rebel chief Laurent-Desire Kabila, father of the embattled current president, Joseph Kabila.

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