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Burundi’ s parliament rejects resolution on deploying UN police force in Burundi

Parliament of Burundi on thursday rejected the UN Security Council resolution on deploying 228 police agents to oversee Burundi’ s security situation.

The lawmakers rejected the UN Security Council resolution in two separate statements signed by National Assembly (lower chamber) Speaker Pascal Nyabenda and Senate (upper chamber) President Reverien Ndikuriyo.

"The decision to deploy 228 UN police agents did not take into account the viewpoint of the Burundian government. As representatives of the citizens, we join the government of Burundi to reject any provision of Resolution 2303," said Nyabenda in the statement.

The east African country’ s Senate also "categorically" rejected the resolution.

"The decision was taken without consulting the government and did not either take into consideration the country’s political and security situation that has returned to normalcy," said Ndikuriyo in another statement.

On Aug. 3, the Burundian government also issued a statement whereby it rejected the resolution of the UN Security Council.

According to Burundian Government Spokesman Philippe Nzobonariba, the decision has "terrible consequences" for other countries because it was taken without the consent of Burundi.

Nzobonariba indicated that Burundi had earlier made its proposal through diplomatic channels, but the proposal was not taken into account by France, the country that initiated the resolution.

On July 29, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2303 authorizing the deployment of up to 228 police forces to Burundi for an initial period of a year.

Among the 15 Council members, 11 voted in favor while China, Angola, Egypt and Venezuela abstained.

However, the Burundian government said it would only accept no more than 50 UN police forces.


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