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Burundi president calls for patriotism in message to nation

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza has called on citizens to love their country on Thursday in a message to the nation ahead of the country’s 54th independence anniversary on July 1.

"Burundian citizens living here in Burundi as well as those living outside the country are appealed to be characterized by love, drawing the example from heroes of independence and democracy, respectively Prince Louis Rwagasore and former Burundian President Melchior Ndadaye," said the president.

According to him, "the legacy of love" left by both heroes will help Burundian citizens be more united.

"As we celebrate the Independence Day, let us commit to consolidating independence that restored honor and dignity that we had lost under the colonial period," said Nkurunziza.

He added that the 54th independence anniversary will be an opportunity to inaugurate 54 infrastructure projects to be achieved or constructed this year.

The infrastructures will include schools, offices of the public administration, water, hospitals, factories and stadiums.

Nkurunziza also indicated that a special commission in charge of settling injustice made on the citizens is going to be created at the office of the Burundian president.

Burundi gained independence from the Belgian colonial rule on July 1, 1962.


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