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Burundi nationals heading to join al Shabaab arrested in Kenya

Four Burundi nationals were arrested at Merire area along Isiolo-Marsabit Highway Tuesday.

The lot was nabbed on grounds they were heading for an al Shabaab recruitment in Somalia.

Police said the men had traveled from Bujumbura to Kenya as tourists.

They then embarked on a journey that would take them through Isiolo, Mandera and later cross to Somalia.

They were stopped by officers at a roadblock at around 4am.

After being grilled, they allegedly said they were headed for Somalia to join the terror group.

They were taken into custody for further interrogation.

In June, five Kenyan youths were arrested in the same area while headed for Somalia to join the same group.

This came amid reports that a number of Kenyans who joined al Shabaab militia want to come back after falling out with the group’s leaders.

A Sh16 million reward has been offered for information on the whereabouts of the Kenyan al Shabaab leader and his seven followers.

Ahmed Iman aka Abu Zinnra and his followers are believed to have left the militant group over dissatisfaction with its operations and fear of being executed.

The eight allegedly want to form their own group within Boni Forest in Lamu county using al Shabaab’s resources.

"The objective of the local group is to penetrate the country, particularly North Eastern and Coastal parts, and spread its influence," a leaked classified document from KDF reads.


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