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Bring back genocide convict, Rwanda asks Malawi

Rwanda has renewed its call for Malawi to extradite Rwandan national Vincent Murekezi who was convicted in his country for participating in the 1994 genocide.

Murekezi was reportedly found guilty in Rwanda of crimes related to genocide and was given a life sentence by the courts, but escaped and has been hiding in Malawi.

Rwanda National Prosecution spokesman Nkusi Faustin confirmed that they have been asking Malawi for the extradition of Murekezi from 2009.

“We are still hopeful Malawi government will corporate by repatriating Mr Murekezi,” Faustin said.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Principal Secretary Dalitso Kabambe confirmed that Malawi government received “several requests” for extradition of extradition of genocide suspect.

But Murekezi is said to be shielded by top Malawi government officials and helped him to acquire the Malawi passport using the surname with passport number MA078171 in 2011.

His Rwandan passport number PC939663 indicates that his birthplace is Ngoma-Huye in Rwanda and those details appears in a Rwandan government record, which names him a suspect of the 1994 genocide.

In the MA07817 Malawi passport which he earlier obtained, Murekezi identified himself as a Malawian citizen from Mbeya in Tanzania.

He also identifies himself in the other passport as Vincent Murekezi whose birth place is Kigali, Rwanda.

Murekezi said he followed all the laid down procedures to obtain the Malawi documents.

Meanwhile, private practice lawyer Oswald Mtupila said he will move the court to send back the suspected genocide criminal.

He said Murekezi poses a serious threat to the national security and peace, particularly following other reports that he has penetrated the Malawi Government service delivery system where he is getting passports, citizenship and court orders in his favour by using dishonest lawyers to appear as a bona fide Malawian citizen.


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