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At least 13 people dead in Stampede in Congo

Thirteen people die in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with officials saying a soldier who fired gunshots set off a stampede.

Thirteen people have been killed after a panic-stricken crowd stampeded in a troubled town in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday, local officials said.

"The incident happened when a drunken soldier in civilian clothes fired four shots from his gun, causing panic," Beni mayor Jean Edmond Nyonyi said.

"Eight people drowned when they threw themselves in the river, four were killed in accidents and one person died of a heart attack," he said.

Fears of gun violence run deep in Beni, which lies in a strife-torn, unstable region of the DRC.

More than 700 people have died since October 2014 in massacres blamed on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a partly Islamist armed group of Ugandan origin.

Fifty-one people were killed in Beni on August 13, a gruesome slaying that touched off mass protests against the central government in Kinshasa.


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