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ANC: Election results call for introspection

The African National Congress in Gauteng on Saturday said it was concerned that its vote share had slipped below 50 percent in certain municipalities in the province and needed to reflect on the results.

“We remain humbled by the support that we received in these elections and we do not take the support for granted,” the ANC provincial leadership said in a statement after it notably lost Tshwane metro to the Democratic Alliance.

“While the ANC received significant support, we however note and remain concerned that we did not receive more than 50 percent in some of the municipalities. As the ANC in Gauteng, we have taken a decision to introspect and reflect on the issues that many of our voters continue to raise with us.”

The party said it would take a hard look at the weaknesses that cost it votes in Wednesday’s local government elections.

“We will not shy away from some weaknesses that have been identified, but will engage communities throughout the province to find speedy and meaningful solutions.”

The local leadership added that it had started negotiating with other political parties to form governing coalitions where it did not win a majority.

The ANC was expected to court the Economic Freedom Fighters aggressively as potential coalition partners after not only losing Tshwane but for falling short of an outright majority in Johannesburg.

With counting 99 percent complete, the ANC was leading in Johannesburg with 45.8 percent to the DA’s 37 percent, with the Economic Freedom Fighters in third place.


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